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Does your Strategic Plan bring your goals into focus . . . . and on target?

Things change. Organizations change continually……. whether by choice or by other factors. Change happens, whether by design or happenstance. What often does not happen with organizational change however is the transition part of the equation, where this under-achievement accounts for a vast majority of planned organizational change failures.
Reflect on well-planned organizational change efforts you’re familiar with, and recount those that were successful, and those that weren’t. What key elements or activities led to successful outcomes, and what reasons accounted for the failed efforts?
Transition . . . . or lack of it, was very likely the difference. So what is transition, besides the obvious of "passage from one state to another?" How is it different from change itself? How does transition facilitate clarifying your organization’s new goals and objectives, as well as increase the probability of achieving your goals?
Transition involves facilitating (your) employees coming to terms with the change or expectation of the changing processes, clarifying what needs to be done and helping them to internalize the need for change. There are a number of elements that go into this "Transition" phrase, including:

  • assessing readiness for change
  • communication throughout the entire process
  • people involvement at all levels
  • ending the old ways, starting on the new, focusing on results
  • assess the change and transition effort

At WorkPlace Cornerstone Group, we facilitate organizational performance and enhance change and transition through commitment building. We coach your executive, management, and support staffs to develop:

  • a belief in and acceptance of the major goals of your organizational change
  • a belief in and acceptance of your organizational transition process
  • a willingness to exert effort on behalf of the change and transition process and,
  • a desire to be involved in the continuation of the change and transition processes


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