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Leadership Development: A Focused Investment for Your Future

Today’s organizations are becoming ever more dynamic . . . . . . . and the right management team or leadership is needed to meet the demand of this constantly evolving environment. Who’s going to lead your organization now, and going forward? You likely want leaders and future leaders with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude for your organization . . . . as a minimum.

Many organizations are afflicted with poor performing management and leadership individuals who use a command and control approach with their direct reports. In the process, they all too often stifle employee commitment and productivity, the two outcomes these ‘leaders’ are trying to inspire. Have you had this experience?

Finding leaders and future leaders with the required knowledge and skills is difficult; however it is relatively easy when compared to securing leaders with the right attitude, commitment, and value system that is congruent with your company’s mission. From your first line supervisors to your operations executive, alignment of these attributes is so very important, not only for the short run, but for the long haul as well. The right leader influences your employees’ commitment level, and therefore your company’s performance.

Developing your new supervisors, managers, and leaders often calls for an approach that entails assessment, identifying core competencies, personal development, professional development, and coaching. All are used to enable your supervisors, managers, and executives to perform their role of encouraging sustained results with the mindset of "want to, versus have to."

Throughout your career, think about your frame of mind tied to all the things you felt you had to do, and the ones you wanted to do, whether in your personal or professional life. In most cases you’ll find that the energy level, the quality and the time frame to complete whatever the task supports developing a ‘want to’ attitude to get the best from your people.

We at WorkPlace Cornerstone Group believe each aspect of leadership development entails the building blocks that form the basis of well-run organizations. We custom design a wide range of leadership development and coaching engagements and related professional development programs to enable your first-line supervisors to perform their functions and your leadership team to make easier transitions from mid-level management to senior positions.
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