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At WorkPlace Cornerstone Group LLC,
Our Mission is to Improve Human Performance and Productivity

Establishing trusting relationships with our clients is the cornerstone of our consulting practice, and facilitating the timely achievement of value-added, measurable results for our clients is our goal.
At the onset of a consulting assignment, we develop, in collaboration with our client, a set of specific, measurable outcomes. As well, we conduct an organizational readiness for change assessment. These activities enable us to develop a clearly defined scope of work, and to measure progress against that scope.
We believe that the answers to an organization’s questions or challenges often lie within the organization itself. To that end, we follow a participative process:

  • identifying the social, technical, and structural causes of the challenges
  • analyzing, selecting, designing/ developing interventions and viable alternative
  • implementing and monitoring actions that address the problem
  • coaching executives, managers, and employees through the change process

Underpinning this process is our facilitation in each phase to involve impacted employees and managers, without promoting consultant dependency. Instead, we transfer skills to your executives, managers, and employees to enable them to sustain these improvements over time, build trust within your organization, and be equipped to address future issues.
Our objective is to gain the trust and respect of our clients and participants in all interventions. We keep the client informed of progress, while adhering to a strict commitment to confidentiality during interviews and working sessions.
In addition to productive outcomes, we want each of our clients to be eager to serve as a reference for us. We earn that privilege by clearly defining the scope and expected outcomes of each consulting project, by achieving those outcomes, and concluding the assignment on time and within budget.

'Improving organizational performance for results'

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