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The competition and economic climate is tough enough. If your organization is competing with lingering workplace distractions while trying to improve effectiveness and productivity, you re not alone. Our experienced consultants can facilitate effective interventions to address your organizational challenges and needs.

At WorkPlace Cornerstone Group, we provide our clients with services in three fundamental support areas:

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Strategic Planning
  • Change and Transition
  • Communication and Workflow Barriers
  • Team Building Dynamics
  • Organizational, Group, and Individual Assessment & Interventions

Technical Servicess

  • Reliability Assessment and Process Improvement
  • Event Analysis and Root Cause Review
  • Corrective Action Program Alignment
  • Regulatory and Safety Support
  • Independent Review

Work Environment

  • Workplace Environment Assessments
  • Identifying and Resolving Conflict
  • Employee Concerns Identification and Resolution
  • Workplace Investigations

We facilitate organizations to overcome challenges and achieve measurable results in these three support areas by:

  • Assessing readiness for change/ implementing change and facilitating transition
  • Getting organizational sectors to work more effectively together
  • Coaching executives, managers, and employees to perform their roles more effectively
  • Recognizing and overcoming barriers and derailers (e.g., communication and workflow)
  • Identifying, addressing, and resolving conflict between/ among individuals, groups, and departments

Our clients have experienced improved and sustained organizational effectiveness and productivity . . . . . . . . . . . . without consultant dependency.

"Improving Workplace Dynamics and Organizational Performance"

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